Amy McElroy

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Amy McElroy, a highly skilled dressage trainer, coach, and judge, is well-known in South Carolina and throughout the Southeastern United States for her ability to train and coach adult amateurs to a high level of success at recognized dressage competitions.  In addition to a full teaching and clinic schedule, Amy is a highly sought after judge and can frequently be seen in the judge's box at any one of the many recognized dressage shows or events throughout the Southeast. Amy currently holds three judges licenses, her USDF L with distinction, USEF ‘r’, USEF “R”, and is a 2015 USEF “S” candidate in dressage.

Her judging expertise is further highlighted in the bi-monthly publication, The Aiken Horse, where she answers questions about dressage in her popular "Ask the Judge" Forum.  Based out of Fair Lane Farm in Aiken, SC. Amy routinely travels to locations to provide clinics to her loyal client base.

  Amy's accomplishments as a coach and judge are in large part due to her riding and training ability. She has successfully trained six young horses all the way up to FEI level. In the 1980s, Amy purchased First Fiddler as a First level horse that she trained and competed successfully to Intermediare I. "Fiddler" is most fondly remembered for his Intermediare Freestyle--to a medley of popular country western hits. In 2006, she purchased Swing King as a green-broke four-year old and the pair has had a very successful career up to Intermediare I; they are looking to make their Grand Prix debut.  Amy is a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold medalist. Amy also is a centerline scores four and a half star rider.

Amy would also like to highlight her long-time student Holly Spencer. Holly is the owner of Fair Lane Farm, where Amy is happily based out of. Holly also is the owner of The saddle Doctor, who is one of Amy’s  largest sponsors. On her two FEI mounts, beginning with Holly's horse, Adam, who gained notoriety as an off-track thoroughbred Holly got for free because nobody could stay on him. They went on to win almost every AA award possible up to Intermediare. Approaching Adam's retirement, Holly purchased her talented mare Festina, sight unseen from Denmark as a green-broke three-year old, and quickly resumed her winning ways. Under Amy's tutelage, Holly and Festina have won everything in their path, and in 2013 they were the USDF AA Intermediare Reserve Champions! They currently have a winning Intermediare Freestyle as well competing in the Intermediare II level. The Grand Prix is also in the near future for this amazing duo.