" Ask The Judge" - Questions about Dressage With Amy McElroy
Amy Mcelroy is an FEI competitor and a USEF "R" judge qualified to officiate at any USEF recognized show at all national levels. She rides, trains and teaches at Fairlane Farm in Aiken, SC and judges between 15 and 20 dressage shows and events each year. In her popular "Ask the Judge" column, she answers readers questions about dressage.

Do you have any questions for Amy? Send her an e mail at McelroyDRM@aol.com
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Month / Year & Question Topics
December 2016 January 2017 - "Glittery Togs"
October-November - 2016 - "Not Available"
August-September -2016 "Newbie"
April & May 2016 " Second Level "
June & July 2016 "Moving Up"
February & March 2016 "Dear Linda" 
December 2015 & January 2016 "Call Me Confused" 
October & November 2015 "Mis Scored" 
August & September 2015 "To Early" 
June & July 2015 "Confused at The Show" 
April & May 2015 "Colective Marks - Training Level" 
February & March 2015 "The Century Club - Grey Mare"